Carlson Takeoff R12

Carlson Takeoff R12

Carlson Takeoff R12

So you’re interested in learning more about the Carlson Takeoff R12? The Horizon Measurements team takes great pride in educating our clients on our products and softwares we have available so you are well versed in whatever product you are interested in, and how to use them leading up to purchase (or rental, read about renting our products here) and once they are in your hands, or on your hard drive. The Carlson Takeoff R12 is one of our most popular softwares that we cannot wait to share with you!


Launched in May 2022 Carlson Software released the Carlson Takeoff R12. The Takeoff R12 is the 12th release of Carlson’s Auto-CAD® based solutions for professionals in the construction field using Data prep software featuring earthwork estimation with an AutoCAD® engine. Improvements were added to the Carlson Takeoff R12 based on their commonly-used technology to ensure the software is smooth-running and organized so you and your team are as efficient as possible with enjoyable, powerful technology on your side. 

Why You’ll Love it:

The Takeoff R12 is one of our most popular softwares sold for a reason, with the latest updates they have ensured your construction project can start on the right foot with informed base-map imagery. All Carlson products are designed to work seamlessly together, so if you have other Carlson products, or are interested in purchasing/renting more Carlson products the Takeoff R12 is a smart investment. Bring your paper plans to digital life streamlining estimation processes and more! If you have been provided with insufficient data, the Takeoff R12 is a powerful tool that helps to verify your project’s location with existing surface data. 

New Tools added to the Carlson Takeoff R12:

    • Optimized for Windows 11

    • A built-in, all-new AutoCAD® 2022 OEM engine 

    • Improved CAD functionality in everyday-use commands 

      • Examples include: boundary polylines, shrinkwrap entities, and join nearest 

    • 3D manipulation tools that take plans and objects from 2D to 3D

    • New Google Earth fast-import option

    • Looking for more accurate and updated data than what Google Earth offers? The Takeoff R12 has provided the option of Drone photogrammetry import with Carlson PhotoCapture with created imagery and surfaces that ensures you’re starting on the right foot

    • Drawing cleanup features which saves you time after you import your project PDF, with new options to update your linework - taking dashed lines to smooth, uninterrupted polylines has never been so easy! 

    • Improved visualization (3D Viewer)

    • Improved inspection tools (Drawing Inspector)

    • It can input all data files -  (including .dwg, .dxf, DGN, PDF, TIFF, LandXML, and all formats of Centerline, Profiles, and Section Data)


Carlson shares that the Takeoff R12 “includes Carlson’s Point Cloud program built-in, allowing users to import point cloud files, apply powerful tools such as bare-earth and feature recognition, and output linework and surfaces to CAD.” 

“Since Takeoff’s inception, we’ve always modeled the strata surfaces such as clay and rock, but the water table is a separate, yet important, underground feature,” says Carlson’s Takeoff Product Manager, Todd Carlson. “Now we allow for a water table surface that feeds a lot of your already commonly used features–in cut/fill volumes you’ll now get how much cut is below the water table, and likewise our trench routine will tell you the linear footage that is under the water table. All-in-all, we’ve added new surface element that many of our customers have requested.” 

Carlson Takeoff R12 Software - Image Credit to Carlson - Turn point cloud data from drones or other sources into surfaces for earthwork volumetrics

Who Can Use the Takeoff R12? 

  • Designers

  • Data Collectors 

  • Surveyors

  • Contractors

  • Inspectors and more! 


Learn even more about the  Carlson Takeoff R12 by clicking here. Horizon Measurements wants to ensure you know as much as possible before purchase. Already sold on this wonderful product? We will get you the best price guaranteed, simply visit our product page, add to cart and check out! Have some questions for us? Visit our FAQ or contact us today