Renting our Products

Renting our Products

Renting our Products

Welcome to Horizon Measurements, so you’re considering renting a piece of our equipment? You’ve come to the right place! Horizon Measurements offers a variety of high quality land surveying products to meet your needs. Our rental equipment is frequently used and in high demand. If you are considering renting equipment from us here’s some commonly asked questions on what YOU need to know:

1. What is available? 

GPS Receivers; network rovers kits as well as base and rover kits. We offer robotic total stations, tripods, poles, and data collectors. Send us a message with whatever you’re looking for and we will get back to you on what we have available to fit your mission needs. 

2. Who can rent? 

If you are in the surveying business, construction business, or an excavation company, engineering companies; road/rail/bridge, environmental companies, roofing, or utility companies then we are here for you! Once you fill in our rental form there is a section to select whether you are a corporation, government or educational institution looking to receive one of our products - simply fill in as much information as possible to help us better serve you.  

3. Why should I rent? 

Renting is a wonderful option if you are looking to test the product before buying for your company. If you are in need of a product for short term usage. If you only require the equipment for a single job application, or your current equipment is being repaired - we have you covered. Not only do we provide you with the rental, we also educate you on the product so you and your team are prepared. If you need land surveying equipment submit a rental request here!

4.  Am I able to test new/current equipment? 

Yes, the rentals we provide are typically less than 5 months old so you are working with only the best in the field, and the latest greatest land surveying equipment on the market. This is a great opportunity to try-before-you-buy or if you only require the equipment for a short period of time. 

5. What should I know about the rental equipment? Is there any training required?

Rentals are based upon availability and are cleaned and calibrated before leaving the office. We provide familiarization training to ensure the crew is functional before getting to the job site. 


Please note we cannot specify a wait time as our products are in high demand. To better serve you please contact us for stock availability, we will get back to you as soon as possible. Check out all of our products by clicking here. Or continue to our blog to learn more. Horizon Measurements strives to provide the best products on the market, and gives you a great selection to choose from at the lowest price guaranteed - whatever your need, we’re here to help. Contact us for a quote today!

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