The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver

The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver

The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver

Welcome to Horizon Measurements! As Canadas survey equipment experts we know you need the best. That is why Horizon Measurements provides quality, and a variety of products for your surveying needs. You can trust us to help you find the perfect product. Today we want to share with you our #1 product, which is the Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver.

About The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver: 

The new BRX7 is a full redesign of Carlson’s flagship GNSS receiver. Why is The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver our #1 product? It is the highest performing, fastest, and most reasonable priced GNSS Receiver currently on the market. This receiver provides the speed you have been looking for to boost your teams productivity, partnered with the accuracy and precision you need for your surveys. 
The Carlson BRX7 GNSS receiver offers an intuitive easy-to-use application software. The dual band radio is offered at 400MHz and 900MHz. Allowing you to work in long range, open area conditions with ease. The Carlson BRX7 makes it easy to work around obstacles and radio interference due to the built-in Spread Spectrum Technology. Best-in-class RTK performance with baselines up to 50 km with fast acquisition times when used with Carlson’s Listen-Listen technology. Connectivity options also include: LTE cellular, WIFI or Bluetooth so you are able to connect with the receiver however you choose. 

Why You’ll love it: 

Thoughtfully crafted and compact, with 8gb of memory and weighing in at 2.8 pounds with batteries - leave all of the heavy lifting to the Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver. It comes with swappable batteries that last up to 11+ hours of uninterrupted efficiency, so your day doesn’t need to end when the batteries die. You now control your day. 
The Internal Tilt Sensor corrects collected point coordinates to within 2 cm. So you can be ready for any situation or job that comes your way! Whether you’re using this product to survey wide open spaces or tree covered canopies the Carlson BRX7 GNSS receiver has got you covered. It can be used as a base or a rover. The receiver is backed by Carlson’s legendary customer support, paired with our Horizon Measurements team, we are here to ensure that your team is properly using the equipment and software so that scenes are collected efficiently and accurately - the first time!


Check out our video on The Carlson BRX7:

Who Can Use The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver?

  • Surveyors

  • Contractors

  • Engineers

  • GIS professionals

  • Anyone who wants or requires the best in GNSS technology


LOWEST PRICE GUARANTEE - Contact us for a quote today!

The Carlson BRX7 GNSS Receiver provides unbeatable value for a Global Navigation Satellite Systems (GNSS), still need some convincing? Check out some testimonials! 

Customer testimonials: 

Really love this system. Paired with the RT4 it works great out in the open and under tree cover. The hot swappable batteries are a great feature. Would recommend to anyone.” - Jeff Marshall

“I run a two crew shop. I purchased a base rover set about two months ago, I bought a second set a month later... these units change the game. We have heavy canopy here in SC [South Carolina] and the BRX7 will blow your mind, heck shoot a building on tilt... I even shot a FFE with the thing then set up a robot to check it all. Mind blown.” - @Hooks 

“Enjoying the BRx7 base/rover with Carlson's listen-listen system. Recently bought the Carlson, somewhat out of curiosity, although we needed one more base/rover setup to go with our current Leica GS18 base/rover units. Whether using base/rover or working with the Florida DOT FPRN network, my guys are starting to favor using the BRx7’s. …” - @i-ben-havin 

“Excited to enable everything!” - Vince Harris 

Questions? Contact us today to learn more, and find the perfect product to fit your needs!

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