Today we dive into one (well technically 4) of our best selling products, the Carlson CRX Series Robotic Total Station. Yes there are 4 different versions in this series of the Carlson CRX Rotobtic Total Stations fit for various application requirements and provide the most efficient way to survey!

Carlson Scan2K

Horizon Measurements is proud to share insights about another awesome Carlson product at the lowest price guaranteed. The Carlson product we are pleased to present is: the Carlson Scan2k, a high performance scalable laser scanning system, and one of the most versatile terrestrial scanners currently on the market. Let’s take a look at this spectacular sensor!


Aaah the FIXAR 007, a single drone for multiple tasks that is a cost effective drone solution for your commercial operations! Today we will be sharing more information about the FIXAR 007 to help you decide if this is the right product for you, check it out.

Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser, Green Beam, Li-Ion

One of Horizon Measurements top selling products is the Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360 Laser, with bright Green Beam, Li-Ion. Need a laser level but not sure what's the best fit for your needs? Learn all about Leica's Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling Laser today!