Horizon Measurement best selling laser: Leica Lino L6G-1 Self Levelling 3X360 Laser Green Beam Li-Ion

Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser, Green Beam, Li-Ion

Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser, Green Beam, Li-Ion

Here at Horizon Measurements we care about our customers, offering our products at the lowest-price guaranteed to help you get your jobs done effectively and quickly the first time. We know you don’t mess around, so let’s dive right into it with our top selling Level: The Leica Lino LgG-1 Self-Levelling Laser with Green Beam. 


One of our top selling products is the Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser, with bright Green Beam, Li-Ion. A Green Beam laser - why green you ask? When you compare the green colour to other lasers, the colour green is up to 4X more easily detected than red by the human eye. It’s also more distinguished for electrical detectors, both crucial when it comes to your construction job. The green is also better in brighter high light situations, long distances, and large workspaces/rooms. The basic kit is a wonderful tool for large, bright light rooms, or small and dark - the Leica Lino L6G-1 laser will help you get the job done and to perfection no matter your surroundings. 
Featuring a sleek shock absorbent design, this product is construction-site-proof! The magnetic adapter helps to ensure you don’t drop this tool. The Leica Lino L6G-1 laser can easily be attached to a variety of different surfaces. The magnetic adapters fit into U-profiles. If you order from us, you’ll get the lowest price guaranteed on the market plus the set comes with the UAL 130 adapter so the laser can easily attach to edges, metal poles, and bars. This is ideal for suspended ceiling installations, transferring reference heights or complex drywall installations in large rooms.

Green Beam Leica brand Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser

Why you’ll love it:

  • Easy set up and positioning

  • Multi-directional alignment 

  • 11 hours of continuous operation 

  • Adjustable laser line strength

  • 70m/230ft of working range - with the ability to extend the maximum operating distance up to 140 meters / 460 feet by using the RGR200 laser receiver. 

  • Magnetic adapter 

  • Saved Settings - Each green 360° laser line can individually be turned on or off.  Your laser line settings and their intensity are saved on the device.

  • Lino L6G is a self-levelling multi- line laser. It automatically adjusts its positioning up to ± 4° when it is slightly out of level without any manual alignment. 

Who can use it?

ANYONE can use a leveller, and the Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser is no different! This laser level has uses in many fields, home construction & more:   
  • Surveying
  • Construction 
  • Setting foundation footings for decks 
  • Masonry 
  • Tiling
  • TV and Frame Mounting
  • Plumbing
Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser in action with green beam Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Green Beam Laser

Check out Leica's Video on the Laser Levels:



“The green lines are visible to 30 ft in bright light (indoor with sun coming through multiple windows). Good mount system for attaching to steel or wood walls. Adjustment thumbscrew for setting angle makes it easy to set a line where you want it.”- Anonymous

I like Leica laser levels, get what you pay for.” Vmax-Mike

Questions for the Horizon Measurement team about the  Leica Lino L6G-1 Self-Levelling 3x360° Laser, Green Beam, Li-Ion? Contact us today to discuss what perfect product will fit your needs! If this kit fits your levelling needs - click here to buy now and get the lowest price guaranteed!