Carlson Scan2K

Carlson Scan2K


Horizon Measurements is proud to share insights about another awesome Carlson product! We carry the best products on the market and offer them to our customers at the lowest price guaranteed. The Carlson product we are pleased to present is: the Carlson Scan2K, let’s take a look at this spectacular sensor.


The Carlson Scan2K is a high performance scalable laser scanning system, and one of the most versatile terrestrial scanners currently on the market. Carlson Scan2K was built with surveyors specifically in mind, but has many other field uses. Whether you are using it on a tripod or a moving platform you will receive outstanding performance results. Carlson Software designed the Scan2k to bridge the gap between small short range sensors and large, long range pulse time. With long range survey grade execution in the field up to 2,000 meters, it is one of the longer-range capable scanners on the market. Scan2K uses a total station-like workflow which has been expertly designed to shorten processing times and improve your teams productivity.

Carlson Scan2k lowest price

Carlson Software Scan2K lowest price from Horizon Measurements

Horizon Measurements Carlson Software Scanner Scan2K

Why you’ll love it: 

We love Carlson’s products, and especially love this one, as we like to mention it is the most versatile terrestrial scanner on the market, and we know you are going to love your Carlson Scan2K too! Why? Mainly for its class 1 infrared laser and many more awesome features… Like 250Gb of memory. Featuring a sunlight visible touch screen graphical user interface that is built-in. It is intuitive, requiring minimal training, and features a user-friendly on-board operator interface that has menu driven operations to collect data quickly and efficiently, no more wasted time. Like most Carlson products the Scan2K uses a CAD-based program to work with contours, profiles and more. Did we mention the integrated hi-resolution camera? There are 3 scanning modes depending on the range you are working with. Conduct more permanent outdoor monitoring, use it in various environments and weather conditions, high-wall scans, high-wall monitoring, pit scanning or volumetric, you can even take it underground! Carlson has created this product for versatility and operates seamlessly. The Scan2K’s Galvanometric scanner has an adjustable field of view so you are able to capture scans with the utmost precision and the right resolution. Carlsons software also provides you with the tools to inspect and view your data to ensure your scan is fully accurate and complete. Using the in-field georeferencing tools and automatic target recognition — Get more jobs done with the time you are saving after investing in this awesome product! Click here to request a quote to buy!

We’re not the only ones raving about the Scan2K, Geoweek News shares: 

Each of these scanning modes offers a different associated scan rate: a short-range mode (up to 250m) with 500 KHz points per second; a medium-range mode (up to 750m) with 200 KHz points per second; and a long-range mode (up to 2000m) with 50 KHz points per second. In addition to the variable range modes, the Scan2K also records four returns per pulse, which enables conducting “bare earth” filtering to help remove vegetation from scans among other things, such as dust penetration and such. 
Another unique aspect of Scan2K is the ability to have a variable vertical field of view. The scanner’s maximum vertical field of view is 120° and the system will pulse at the range mode selected over that vertical field of view. When the Vertical Field of View is narrowed, the scanner will in turn pulse over that narrowed vertical field of view and thus collect more data in that smaller area. It is not masked like in other scanners that don’t have this capability.” - Eric van Rees from Geo Week News 

Who can use it? 

  • Surveyors 
  • Engineers 
  • Mining Professionals 
  • Anyone!

Meet Carlson Scan2K:

Check out this tutorial where Carlson’s Bradley Husack shows how simple taking scans with the Scan2K is, and how to use the Cloud to Cloud Registration:

Looking for a shorter-term solution? What about our rental programSubmit a rental request form here to see if we have it in stock and the availability for your jobs specified time frame. Does the Carlson Scan2K seem like the perfect product for you? BUY NOW with our lowest price guaranteed! Unsure if it’s the best fit for your needs? Contact the Horizon Measurements team today, we are always happy to help!  
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