Women in the Workplace

Women in the Workplace

Today is International Women’s Day, and we at Horizon Measurements are both celebrating the great progress women have made in the workforce, and endorsing women leadership roles! 

As women integration in many fields has increased, it still remains at an all time low in the fields of construction, technology, robotics, and automation. The increase of women in this labor participation will expand productivity and skill portfolio - thereby a boost to our economy and cultural ideologies. It is no wonder there is a strong need for diverse perspectives, because more women are needed to be part of the advancements. If more women attain leadership positions in such important industries, then more women will be encouraged to join these central trades. 


We have implemented gender diversity strategies to attract, recruit, retain, sustain, and develop women in these male-dominated industries. Horizon Measurements offers the right opportunity in: customized training programs, exclusive resources, leadership tools, networking opportunities, and  field supplies to pave the road to your team’s success. Take a look at our GPS RTK for accurate navigation, while total station allows productivity and operation efficiency. From softwares, to 3D Scanning and Forensics, we offer solutions that meet your surveying needs. Streamline your workfield with our drones and facilitate mapping while gathering accurate data collection. As optimal performance is critical to achieve, we have a wide profile providing products and services for accuracy, cost effectiveness, sustainability, and reliability. 


Let’s continue reaching higher and take action, inspire discourse, flourish professional development, and expand ontologies in the market. The barriers where women self-select out of place, and graphical interface gear towards men, we must together build safe and inclusive spaces in support of diversity. This will only help redefine robotics, advance technologies, ease taxing construction tasks, enhance ontologies in software systems, and advance drone innovations. Horizon Measurements is proud to take part on this journey of breaking down gender barriers and advancing together!  The saying “give girls the toys” is now redefined to “Women innovate the toys!


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