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Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

Skydio 2+ for Enterprise

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The industry’s leading autonomous drone solution powered by AI to enable the safest and most efficient flight experience.

Powered by Skydio Autonomy Enterprise

Sees in every direction using six 4k 200° navigation cameras, understands the world around it using onboard AI, and makes smart decisions to fly autonomously with 360° obstacle avoidance, even in GPS-denied environments. Skydio 2+ turns anybody into an expert pilot and helps you get the job done safer and faster.

Skydio Autonomy Enterprise: Delivers advanced capabilities for maximum situational awareness, ultra-precise control in dense environments and close-proximity inspection.

Sees in every direction with six 4k cameras.

Utilizing 45 megapixels of visual data from six 200 degree color cameras, Skydio 2+ can see in every direction with unprecedented resolution and clarity. This is the foundation of trustworthy autonomous flight.

Thinks fast with 256 NVIDIA® processing cores.

At the heart of Skydio 2+ is the NVIDIA Tegra TX2, the fastest, most power-efficient embedded AI computing device available, capable of 1.3 trillion operations a second. Skydio 2+ is the most advanced flying supercomputer on the market.

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