SitePro – Sitepro Basic Swiss-Style Mini-prism Set, O Constant


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A basic 0mm mini-prism system is ideal for close-range applications with total station. Features red polymer holder and housing that are fiber reinforced for excellent wear and long-term performance. Four screw-on aluminum rods with 1/4-20 thread for achieving five (5) different fixed prism heights up to 50″ (127cm).


  • Prism constant of 0mm with 2.0mm accuracy
  • Long range up to 7,000ft (2,000m)
  • Built-in bubble vial located top-center of holder
  • Permits five prism heights of 10, 40,70, 100, and 130cm, with attachable point
  • 1504-A prism system
  • Cap
  • Four (4) rods
  • Point
  • Case