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SitePro Professional Series 1M Measuring Wheel – 31-PS401M

SitePro Professional Series 1M Measuring Wheel – 31-PS401M

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  • All-steel construction with accuracy 1 cm measuring and belt-driven counter.
  • Professionals can count on the durable design and accurate, reliable measuring with a 32 centimeter (1 meter circumference) steel-spoked wheel that provides best performance on rough terrain for heavy construction, large commercial operations, utilities, land surveying and other measuring applications.
  • 5-digit belt-driven counter records up to 9,999.9 meter with convenient rest knob
  • 1m circumference spoke wheel and wide rubber tire makes it easier to measure accurately on rough terrain and uneven ground
  • Wheel brake prevents wheel from slipping and allows for easy transport without losing existing measurement
  • Built-in wheel stand keeps wheel upright Easy-grip handle folds for compact storage when not in use
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