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SitePro 25-SK24X Auto Level

SitePro 25-SK24X Auto Level

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These auto-levels feature excellent magnification with large aperture that allows more light for a sharper image. Finely tuned magnetically dampened compensator levels and stabilizes the line of sight despite fine vibrations, providing high precision leveling results.

  • Compensator is designed with four suspension wires made of super-high-tensile metal that features minimal thermal expansion coefficient
  • Horizontal and vertical cross hairs with 1:100 stadia lines – measures level, alignment & estimates distance
  • Fine motion horizontal tangent knobs on left and right sides allow friction braked rotation, endless horizontal drive and precise pointing and angle measurement
  • Peep sight to aid in sighting
  • Solid leveling metal base with three precision leveling screws provides stability and accuracy in all weather and job site conditions
  • 360° Graduated horizontal circle in 1-degree increments for layout applications
  • 10’/2mm circular bubble vial with 90-degree mirror for accurate and quick set-up


  • Magnification: 24X
  • Leveling Accuracy: ±1/16 in at 150 ft (±1.5 mm @ 46 m)
  • Working Range: 300 ft (90 m)
  • Angular Accuracy: 1°
  • Field of View: 1° 25’ or 2.6 ft @100 ft
  • Min. Focus Distance: < 1 ft
  • Compensator range: +/-15’
  • Comp Setting: ±0.5”
  • Weight: 3.65 lb (1.6 kg)
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