Seco Ram Ball Mount for 10" Tablets


Available Now!


By attaching 10" Tablet to a RAM ball and socket arm (not included), the 5200-23-050 bracket allows for hands-free operation of the notepad, making it more convenient in survey application.
  • Fully adjustable in tilt and rotation
  • Attaches to an optional Tripod Mount or Pole bracket from Stakemill
  • Connects to all popular survey grade poles and tripods
  • Seco’s 5200-23-050 is an RTK cradle bracket for use with the 10" Tablets and Notepad
  • Bracket connects securely to the Tablet using four easy-to-hold pressure mounts
  • Most of the tablet’s battery and all ports are accessible when the 5200-23-050 is attached
  • Pole clamp and articulating arm are not included with this