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Seco High Precision Green Laser Tribrach

Seco High Precision Green Laser Tribrach

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Up to 7 hours of continuous operation without battery charge or replacement! Green laser is easily visible in dark and also sunny, bright conditions. Ideal for work from tunnels to bridges.


  • One rechargeable, replaceable battery pack is included (Other battery packs available, sold separately) 500mAh Li-Po battery
  • Battery level indication
  • High contrast laser dot
  • Laser dot size: 1.5mm over 1.5 meters or equivalent in imperial
  • 1mm at 1.5m centering accuracy
  • Micro USB charging, cable included
  • 3cc (1 arc sec) Geodesy by Seco MOM Tribrach
  • 8’ vial
  • Operating temperature -10C – +50C (14F – 122F)
  • Laser class: Class 1M laser
  • Charge temp: 0°C – 45°C
  • Operating temperature -10C – +50C (14F -122F)
  • Operating height: 0.3m-5m operation
  • Vial: 8’ circular
  • Connection: 5/8 x 11
  • IP 65 ruggedness rating
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