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Geomax Zoom50 5" Manual Total Station

Geomax Zoom50 5" Manual Total Station

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Zoom50 Series

When you need highest performance on all levels even under most challenging conditions, the Carlson Zoom50 series is the perfect choice for you.

With the proven accXess technology, the Zoom50 features an intelligent distance measurement engine, with 500m and 1000m options, designed for outstanding range, speed and highest accuracy even under tough conditions. The longer measurement range means a wider operational coverage and significant less time lost with switching setups.

All this in combination with the extrawide color touchscreen, built in Bluetooth®, USB memory stick support and featured application package including even advanced functionalities makes the Zoom50 the true flagship of the Carlson manual total station family.

The new PowerLock protection mechanism prevents use by unauthorized persons and makes it hard to steal.

Colour and touchscreen

• Large 3.5″ Q-VGA display
• Crystal clear experience
• Super fast navigation

Superior accXess10 EDM

• 1,000 m non-prism range
• Highest reliability & accuracy
• Pin size laser beam

Superior software

• Intuitive software
• Versatile, enhanced applications
• PowerLock theft protection


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