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Carlson PDGrade

Carlson PDGrade

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Carlson Grade for Pile Driving Machines

Carlson Machine Control PDGrade is an application-centric 3D positioning software for piling applications such as solar, construction and other applications. The software is combined with a state-of-the-art, integrated GNSS all-in-one sensor, a rugged, Windows-based control box, and offers a laser distance option for piling to an elevation, contour or pile depth for a complete pile machine guidance system.


  • 3D Machine Guidance Indicate/Control system for Pile Drivers for Solar farms and other applications
  • Able to handle large Pile Layout file
  • NTRIP and VRS compatible
  • Track machine utilization
  • Provide operators with more information to maintain consistent alignment of piles
  • Work as a standalone system or as part of a fleet environment with multiple machines
  • Create Pile Report out of Grade to a .CSV or .PDF
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