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Carlson Geology

Carlson Geology

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The Carlson Geology Module uses drillholes, channel samples, and user-defined 3D polyline data to create accurate and easy-to-use geologic models. A variety of industry-standard modeling algorithms are available, allowing you to create stratigraphic grid models and block models that are realistic, reproducible, and reliable.



  • Import from any format using custom settings
  • Store drill data directly in the CAD drawing or dynamically link to external databases
  • Draw geologic columns in section-view or in 3D to correlate strata
  • Validate holes with queries and reports
  • Use tools such as Strata Polylines, Horizon Codes, and Drillhole Equations to build complex models
  • Import E-Log geophysical LAS files and core images



  • Use industry-standard modeling algorithms and supporting commands to ensure accurate representation of the geology
  • Create macros to update models with new data
  • Investigate models with inspection tools and colored, hatched isopachs
  • Enhance models with Limit Lines and Strata Polylines for detailed strata behavior
  • Automatically model strata pinchout and seam splits
  • Account for incomplete drilling with conformance settings
  • Compare Geologic Models and user-modified Mining Models to quantify available vs. recoverable reserves



  • Plot geologic cross-sections or view in realtime with dynamic section line adjustment
  • Color cross-sections by strata or grade and plot drillholes for reference
  • Stack up sections in 2D, or draw in 3D to visualize with existing topography and mine designs
  • Generate accurate dragline range diagrams on actual geologic models



  • Add fault lines with variable dip angles and displacements to represent normal or reverse faults
  • Draw fault planes and strata grids for 3D visualization
  • Calculate fault shift automatically by analyzing surrounding drillholes
  • Quickly label strike and dip for fault mapping



  • Use Geologic Models for reserve estimation with weight-averaged quality attributes
  • Generate strip ratio grids to determine economically feasible mine areas
  • Detail reports with custom equations
  • Export reports directly to text, Excel, Access, XML, and other database formats
  • Analyze deposits with Reserve Classification to report measured, indicated, inferred, and hypothetical reserves
  • Fine tune reserve estimation with waste dilution, strata specific recovery percentages, variable densities, and thickness filtering
  • Calculate pit reserves by vertical quantities, overall highwall slopes, or detailed bench-by-bench designs 
  • Visualize volumes over time with surface history files



  • Generate block models by 3D Kriging, Discrete, and Inverse Distance algorithms
  • Use the Variogram Generator to analyze trends and determine the nugget, sill, and range with 3D anisotropy
  • Choose from variogram types such as semivariogram, covariogram, and correlogram



  • Define grade ranges with multiple attributes to categorize different classes of material in reserve reports
  • View partial or full block models with inclusion/exclusion perimeters constrained by surfaces or closed solids
  • Isolate block grades to inspect specific qualities
  • Inspect models by depth or elevation with dynamic feedback on grades
  • Add drillholes, surface topography, and mine designs on top of blocks for full design visualization



  • Define block values with user-defined equations
  • Create value block models to determine the profitability of each block
  • Output optimal pit shells of profitable mining blocks
  • Re-run calculations as costs change to view revised pit limits


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