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Carlson Fixed Installation Scanner

Carlson Fixed Installation Scanner

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The Fixed Installation Scanner (FiX1) from Carlson provides a simple, automated method for obtaining volumetric results of stockpiles in many different applications.

The FiX1 system can be scheduled to scan, process and deliver a result without any user intervention. With remote connectivity through Cellular and Wi-Fi networks, the FiX1 can be permanently installed into inaccessible areas. It can be left to carry out volumetric scans that are triggered manually or by a user-defined schedule to automate a scan and provide continuous calculations.

Hands-Free and Safe Stockpile Surveying

  • Monitor and measure remotely using the FiX1 Web UI all while improving safety in potentially hazardous environments

Automate Volumetric Calculations

  • Schedule repeating scans and automate the delivery of volumetric results

Base Scans off of Historical data

  • Pre-existing base data can be uploaded to provide a geo-referenced ‘floor’ from which to compute volumes


  • Automated delivery of volumetric results
  • Provides stockpile volume information or detailed scans in geographically remote areas without assigning manpower and measurement tools
  • After installation, no knowledge of surveying, data processing or point cloud manipulation is required by users
  • Improves safety by removing the need for feet on the ground in potentially hazardous areas, such as quarries or open pit mining
  • Identify trends in material stockpiling or usage
  • Multiple units can be connected in a network to allow the monitoring of large stockpiles or distinct unrelated locations within a site


Specialized For Use In Calculating Stockpiles, Road Salt Barns/Domes, Warehouse Monitoring, Quarry And Open Pit Mine Profiling

  • Road Salt Barn/Dome Stockpiles
  • Interior/Exterior Ore Stockpiles
  • Stockyard Monitoring
  • Quarry & Open Pit Mine Operations


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