Carlson Command


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Carlson Command is a monitoring and data management software solution that transmits data from the machines to Command and from Command to the machines. It increases both safety, productivity, and reporting capabilities.

On both large and small job-sites, managers can see and monitor multiple or single machines in multiple views, including a plan view, from any location with an internet connection. Machine positions can be viewed, cut/fill and elevation monitored in real-time, and managers can remote into the machine and send messages.


  • Send projects, installs, files and configurations to a single machine or your whole fleet with confidence
  • Transfer data in real-time, knowing the data is current and accurate
  • Assign tasks through the task feature, ensuring operators are logging their time accurately
  • Manage, view, and create custom reports of multiple As-Built surfaces within the site linework


  • Individual Machine Volume Metrics
  • Dozer Push Metrics
  • Time Reporting
  • Drill Reporting
  • Productivity Analysis
  • Surface Color Mapping
  • Cut/Fill Color Mapping
  • Rover Position Trace
  • Historical Replay


  • Quickly and easily generate reports with full customization
  • Manage cloud data
  • Oversee multiple sites
  • Schedule reporting with automatic emails
  • Access what you need to with a comfortable and easy to understand interface