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The Boretrak2 borehole deviation measurement system is a simple-to-use, gyro-based system for measuring the deviation of boreholes drilled in underground mines or on the surface in quarries or open-pit mines.

As a successor to the widely used Cabled and Rodded Boretrak systems, the fundamental capabilities of the Boretrak2 are backed by over 35 years of in-the-field history. The features of both units have been combined into a single all-purpose unit capable of measuring boreholes in any inclination: down, up or horizontal.

Together with Carlson Boretrak software, the Boretrak2 provides a simple-to-use system for checking the accuracy of drilled holes and their deviation from design.



  • Accurately measure borehole deviation and effectively use the data to plan projects safely and in compliance with auditing requirements
  • Record and visualize 3D data on drilling activity from ground level or underground site
  • Comply with quarrying legislation
    Avoid the potential risks and costs associated with blasting from deviated or un-surveyed boreholes



  • Optimizes blasting and engineering works by easily creating detailed maps of drilling activity
  • Reduces the need for large teams with entire drilling sites able to be measured and modeled in hours
  • Portable, lightweight, and hand-deployable, the system is designed to be used by a single operator
  • Checks drilled holes and produces in-the-field reports in minutes
  • On-site drilling operations become data-led with no guesswork and knowledge gaps



The Boretrak2 utilizes a miniature inertial measurement unit (IMU) which contains a triaxial accelerometer, magnetometer, and gyro. Prior to deployment, the probe is calibrated against a known orientation on a supplied jig. This establishes a starting reference azimuth for the gyro. The gyro provides the Boretrak2 with an accurate, live heading which is tracked as the probe is deployed along the borehole.



  • Designed for the rugged mining and quarrying environments – harsh weather, muddy holes, extreme temperatures, and ruggedized treatment
  • Have confidence that the system will last for years, giving accurate and reliable data in the toughest conditions
  • Capable of operating in areas of magnetic interference and in flooded holes



The incorporation of a gyro means that the Boretrak2 is not reliant on a magnetic compass or on physical rod alignment to establish the changing direction and orientation of the borehole.

The gyro frees up the Boretrak2 to be deployed using a variety of methods. Downhole, the probe can be lowered on a simple wireline. Horizontal and uphole the Boretrak2 can be supplied with a semi-rigid pushrod system, spooled out from a cable reel. Alternatively, traditional Boretrak rods can be used and an adaptor allows customized deployment devices to be fabricated for applications unique to your site.



An Android mobile device or Windows-based tablet are used to run the Carlson Boretrak software which controls the Boretrak2 operation.

The Carlson Boretrak software can be used to set up the project, import hole coordinates, setup design holes, and import third-party data to form a background to the collected Boretrak2 data. A Bluetooth connection between the probe and mobile device allows setup and calibration prior to the deployment and also synchs the clocks on the probe and the mobile device.



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