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Carlson Takeoff Suite

Carlson Takeoff Suite

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From data collection, to office design, to 3D model building, to machine control, Carlson will get earth-moving, land development professionals where you need to be. All Carlson products are designed to work seamlessly with each other and also work with the most hardware and software solutions available in the marketplace.
Carlson Grade

Carlson’s innovative software and hardware products meet the needs of the industry. Its powerful data collection software continues to be a favorite for site stakeout. Now, Carlson’s CAD-based data prep and estimating software, plus its extensive machine control offerings provide true choice, quality and convenience.


In addition to Digitizing paper plans, Carlson Takeoff offers critical Drawing Cleanup features and advanced 2D to 3D routines that streamline the estimating process from digital plans. It can input all data files, including .dwg, .dxf, DGN, PDF, TIFF, LandXML, and all formats of Centerline, Profiles, and Section Data.

Takeoff calculates cut/fill material volumes and has 3D simulation as well as comprehensive reporting. In addition, roadwork, trenching, drill-holes, and sub-grades capabilities are all included for one affordable price.


BETTER Reporting –

New Direct PDF output for:

  • Cut/Fill Volume Reports
  • 3D Surface Models
  • Surface Profiles
  • Site Plan Views
  • Cross-Sections

MORE Power –

  • User-Defined Area Breakdowns for both Material

Quantities and Cut/Fill Volumes

  • Cut/Fill Volumes by specified Depth Ranges
  • Special Fills Areas


MORE Compatibility –

Unbelievably fast Cross-Section conversion

  • PDF and TIF File Import
  • DGN File Import

Use Takeoff for Accurate Estimates

  • Calculate site cut & fill and topsoil
  • Differentiate strata volumes – rock vs. dirt
  • Accurately determine asphalt quantity needed in

a variety of measurement units

  • Get precise curb work calculations
  • Estimate trenching quantities
  • Estimate roadways from cross-sections

Use Takeoff Once You Get the Bid

  • Analyze existing TOPO before you start
  • Prepare the design info for exact staking
  • Create a 3D model for machine control
  • Evaluate for quantity and quality control
  • Report volumes as you build
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